Ultima Parthers > FAQ

General issues

What is an Affiliate Program?
How does Ultima Partners Program work?
Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
Where can see Terms and Conditions?
Who can I report about issue arisen?
What should I do to join Ultima Partners?
Can I be an affiliate if I do not have a website?
Do I need a Player account?
Can I play Ultima Poker?
How long does it take to review my application?
How do I change my personal account details?
Do you accept sub-affiliates?
Who is sub-affiliate?
How do I earn from sub-affiliates?
Is it possible to track the activity of my sub-affiliates?

Payments and Reporting

What Payment Plans does the Ultima Partners Program offer (rake structure)?
What is Revenue Share?
What is a CPA deal?
How often do I get paid?
What payment methods are available?
How to see my commission plans?
What commission will I have as a new affiliate?
Where can I see commission volume I have earned?
What kinds of reports are available?
What is update period of the reports?

Account, Tracking Codes and Bonuses

How to update my personal account information?
I forgot my password.
What is a Tracking code?
How to create a tracking code?
Is it possible to use more than one tracking code?
What if my player/players forgot to use my tracking code. Can you re-track their accounts to my site manually?
Is it possible to offer freerolls to my players?

You are welcome to contact partners@ultimapoker.com in case of any extra questions.